MASARY Studios is an interdisciplinary artist collective reconsidering environments through site-specific installations using sound, light, interactivity, and performance. Based in Boston, the studio's practice includes live percussion performance, electronic music and production, facade projection-mapped video, artistic research, technology and materials fabrication, and the expansive use of animation. The studio is artist-owned and managed and was founded in 2015.

My Projects


    The project features a 15'x12' rear projection screen installed into the window from the inside. A stereoscopic camera is mounted at the foot of the screen to capture the public, and that feed is run to a media server that manages the depth and RGB images, sorting out in programming the near-field movement and static background. a 10k lumen projector is mounted indoors and rear-projects. This silhouette is then overlaid and integrated into a graphic score made by our team. An accompanying sound score is played through outdoor speakers and is synchronized with each of 5 different visual scores.

  • Glitche

    'Glitche' derives from the idea of a glitch, error, or unexpected malfunction in a system. The piece emulates refractions of this common human experience feature and places it into an immersive installation composed of animation, sound, light, and sculpture. The concept and composition plays off of ‘datamoshing’, an interlaced video broadcast error which is the result of multiple frames of pixels smearing their color, brightness, and image together creating visual abstract artifacts.

  • Massively Distributed(MD)

    Massively Distributed is an audio / visual interactive media instrument and installation. Built by MASARY studios, MD is an instrument for anyone to create artwork with that allows connection to others and place. Intended to connect people during a time of social distancing and bridge the gap between artists and the community, “Massively Distributed” includes a site-specific web-based app instrument accessible across laptops, tablets and smartphones. MASARY Studios captures local audio and visual samples and invites the public to create and submit original multimedia compositions through the “Massively Distributed” interface, similar to a music sequencer or drum machine. A safe and socially distanced way for residents to reconnect with their city, “Massively Distributed” debuted as a community-driven public art expression presented at Scottsdale Public Art’s annual Canal Convergence | Water + Art + Light experience. Combining the collaborative multimedia instrument with large-scale projection mapping, MASARY illuminated the streets of Scottsdale, Ariz. with its “Massively Distributed” installation. The installation spanned across three locations in the city playing back the community driven artworks stitched together to create "meta-compositions"

  • Memory / Diffusion

    Memory / Diffusion is an interactive artwork that explores concepts of memory as proposed and developed by the French philosopher Henri Bergson through his major works—Time and Free Will (1889), Matter and Memory (1896), and Creative Evolution (1907). Installed at the Boston Arts Academy, the artwork uses machine learning and camera vision to detect ‘normal’ activity in front of it and recognizes when ‘unique’ activity takes place. The artwork records these ‘memories’ and expresses them back onto the large scale display and custom lighting fixtures. Constantly learning and making memories, the artwork plays back stored memories based on what it observes in real-time based on the school activity.

  • Phase Garden

    Phase Garden is an investigation of cosmic frequencies realized through multichannel sound and light. Through the use of real-time astronomical cycles and combinatorial mathematics, this artwork explores the rhythms of the cosmos. Phase Garden is part of a series of site-specific works created for SOLSTICE, an annual event at Mount Auburn Cemetery. It takes place in Asa Gray Garden, framing its circular form with 12 towers, of multiple lighting fixtures and speakers. Cosmic cycles of a solar day, lunar month, earth year, etc., trigger corollary light and sound events. Phase Garden is, at times, sparse and placid, and at others, rhythmically dense and active. The audience is invited to wander the garden enveloped by light and sound. The harmony, color palette, and rhythm of these events are derived from the periodic relationships between the earth, sun, and moon at various and combined scales. This work visualizes and sonifies the ecstatic math that exists in the universe. Each moment with the artwork is unique and fleeting, provoking questions about circumstance, ritual, interconnection, and the cyclical nature of both our universe and our being. Phase Garden runs on many "loops" and would take many thousands of years to repeat.

  • Refraction

    This suspended artwork designed for the Multi-Faith Chapel at Boston Children’s Hospital embodies light, reflection and refraction. The sculpture serves as a connection point for all practices of faith, spirituality, and relationships with the universe. Its iridescent quality invites contemplation and creates an atmosphere of reflection, optimism, and hope for the Boston Children's Hospital community. Entitled Refraction, the sculpture is composed of a billowing cascade of 263 individual transparent pendants spanning 15 feet, suspended from the Chapel’s 16-foot vaulted ceiling. Dichroic film is applied to a single side of each pendant allowing the sculpture to refract natural sunlight each day through the Chapel’s windows. Programmed artificial light accentuates their color and illuminates the pendants at night. The lighting program is based on the four seasons of the Northern Hemisphere, referencing the natural cycles of light through color. The color palette changes at each equinox and solstice, allowing the artwork and the space itself to be in synchronicity with the cycles of the cosmic world.


    RUMBLE - A CONTEMPORARY VOICE FOR THE BRIDGE THAT SINGS A bridge represents what is no longer the edge, where travel and ideas formerly stopped, but now have a path. We were invited by Brave Berlin and Blink Cincinnati to create an artwork on, around, and about the city’s beloved John A. Roebling Bridge. The final work was featured as a performative installation over the course of 4 nights, and was attended by nearly 2 million people.

  • Say What You Will

    ‘Say What You Will’ is a large scale public interactive artwork composed of six sculptural sails and six kiosks. The public is invited to interact with the artwork by speaking into any of the glowing kiosks. It could be a story, a phrase, a love note, or a frustration. The artwork takes the audio submission and transforms it into an abstract visual expression and light, which is then projected onto one of six sails. One’s voice is transformed in its visual expression by analyzing both the sentiment of the submission and the spectral qualities.

  • Sound Sculpture

    SOUND SCULPTURE is an interactive sound and light instrument. 25 location-aware blocks report their coordinates to the controlling computer, which in turn triggers each cube to light and make sound sequentially - "reading," in a way, the musical layout, as created and constantly changed by the public's interaction. This allows participants to create not only physical structures, but musical compositions created and manipulated by the physical relationship of the cubes. It is like walking onto the staff paper, picking up the notes and moving them around, thereby changing pitch, rhythm, melody and harmony.