Glitche - CODAworx



Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2014

Project Team

Creative Director

Sam Okerstrom-Lang

MASARY Studios

Fabric Partner




‘Glitche’ derives from the idea of a glitch, error, or unexpected malfunction in a system. The piece emulates refractions of this common human experience feature and places it into an immersive installation composed of animation, sound, light, and sculpture. The concept and composition plays off of ‘datamoshing’, an interlaced video broadcast error which is the result of multiple frames of pixels smearing their color, brightness, and image together creating visual abstract artifacts.


The goal was to create a full immersive artwork with sculpture, projected light, and sound; a form someone could literally walk into, and be surrounded by. Navigating the artwork with all of their senes. We also wanted to explore how a 2 dimensional projected image could become physically volumetric. With the concept driving the artistic decisions and volumetric video technique, we created Glitche.


We went through several fabric tests to establish the best materials to use and then installed the piece at a small scale for the debut. The piece has since be installed and shown nationally on its own and in collaboration with performances.

Additional Information

'Glitche' debuted in 2014 at Mass. College of Art & Design. It was additionally presented at the Illuminus Festival 2014, Boston Center for the Arts 2017, Installation Space 2019, and is currently on view at Wonderspaces Arizona 2022.