$4.4 Billion.

Commissioners from around the world awarded approximately $4.4 billion in public art commissions in 2023.

The Economic Power of Public Art

A never-before-seen look at the size and scope of the public art industry

Join us in celebrating over a decade of excellence with CODAworx and the launch of our premiere issue of The Economic Power of Public Art!

This 200+ page publication documents the effects of public art divided in nine different impact areas: Tourism, Urban Revitalization, Infrastructure, Sustainability + Environment, Social Equity, Wellness, Public Engagement, Cultural Identity, and Memorials and Monuments. Numerous notable public art projects are also featured.

• Industry data demonstrating the impact of public art

• Stories, quotes, and ideas from leading industry professionals

• Beautiful photos of public art projects from around the world

• Rankings of top artists, companies, and cities for public art

The Economic Power of Public Art includes data and statistics gathered from market research conducted by ThinkLab. Analytics were conducted by DataChat using the CODAworx Project Library, which is comprised of 13,381 records of registered artworks with 12 possible data points per project. This study provides a comprehensive estimates of the size of this creative industry, along with revelations about the economic impact of the public art sector.

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