Client: WBUR CitySpace

Location: Boston, MA, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $35,000

Project Team


Jeremy Stewart

Blind Elephants


Ryan Edwards

MASARY Studios


Sam Okerstrom-Lang

MASARY Studios


Maria Finkelmeier

MASARY Studios


The project features a 15'x12' rear projection screen installed into the window from the inside. A stereoscopic camera is mounted at the foot of the screen to capture the public, and that feed is run to a media server that manages the depth and RGB images, sorting out in programming the near-field movement and static background. a 10k lumen projector is mounted indoors and rear-projects. This silhouette is then overlaid and integrated into a graphic score made by our team. An accompanying sound score is played through outdoor speakers and is synchronized with each of 5 different visual scores.


The work was commissioned by WBUR as they prepared to launch their new venue, CitySpace. The client was interested to make a statement about the inclusion of art in the new venue, as well as to make the public feel involved, welcomed and seen. We suggested an interactive video wall that did just that. As well, we integrated a countdown into the video to the grand opening and drove traffic to the social media sites of the client (and to us, the artists). It was also important that all elements installed in the window and mullion area be low profile and non-invasive. The screen was mounted with magnets and double-stick tape, as were the lights that illuminate the active area. It was important to the client that we create something that was interactive, but that was also interesting and beautiful if no one chose to interact. To address this, we created a kind of screen saver - when 20 seconds passed without a motion in the near field, a silhouette of a dancer appeared and activated the window, creating a mystique and an invitation for passers-by to interact.


Our studio first worked with the venue presenter and General Management of the radio station on the overall design. From there we worked most closely with the facilities management and the venue's direct management team for access, integration and execution. Our team handled all programming, camera integration, automation, installation and oversight for the 1 month run of the project.

Additional Information

All elements are on timers to play / display from 5:30 pm - 2:30 am everyday.