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CODAworx, the hub of the commissioned art economy, is the premiere resource to find and hire talented artists, creative teams, and the qualified sub-contractors that are experienced in the creation of commissioned artwork.

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Our list of 25 creative professionals who provide us with the vision, strategy, and effective practices to bring about positive change.

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The CODAworx Industry Directory is a comprehensive source of professionals and firms that support the commissioned art industry.


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Recognizing projects which turn ordinary walls into spectacular canvases.

Demystifying The Art Of Experience

If you’ve ever entered into an immersive art exhibit, you may have wondered, “How did it get here?” Seamless all-around ...

The CODAworx Manifesto

We believe:

  • Commissioned art matters. Attention to the details of our environment leads to love of place, which brings us to take responsibility for the spaces where we live and work.  And by extension, to our communities, our cities, our nations, and our world.
  • Art in our public and private spaces helps us fight ordinary buildings, ordinary streets, ordinary cities.
  • We champion the role of artists in our society.  Now, more than ever, we need artists provide us with inspiration, creativity, and imagination and to help us envision a better world.
  • Great design + art can transform spaces and affect our happiness and well-being.
  • Art can and should be accessible to all people.  Each of us deserves a daily dose of inspiration.