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“It’s great that CODAworx offers a platform for artists, industry professionals, architects, developers, designers, art consultants and public art administrators to share industry trends and discuss thought leadership ideas. This is how an industry moves forward and makes progress, so thank you CODAworx!”

Gordon Heuther

"Getting recognized by CODAworx and their awards is pure gold. Even if you could buy that kind of publicity, and you can't, a small firm like ours would never be able to afford it."

Jim Ahearne


”Using the CODAworx RFP Listings is more efficient than searching for RFPs elsewhere, because it compiles all the specifically relevant opportunities into one site. I appreciate the wide budget range of projects that are listed, from smaller projects to projects over $1 million."

Patrick Marold

Patrick Marold Studios Inc.

"I am a visual artist and filmmaker with my work on Codaworx. I did outreach from the Codaworx network to prospective clients. I am now happily doing a presentation to one of the art consultants that I connected with through Codaworx. Codaworx is an excellent source and network for global art and design projects and opens the world of opportunity to artists!”

Cheryl Maeder

Cheryl Maeder Photography