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Published 12 times a year through FlipboardCODAmagazine showcases the best design + art projects from all over the world, highlighting exemplary collaborations between designers, artists, architects, suppliers, fabricators and other industry resources.

Current Issue: Art for the Outdoors

Art for the Outdoors: features art that is created to enhance our shared experience of the outdoors including parks, plazas, waterways, bridges, roundabouts, bike paths, and roadways.

Featured Story

Choice in Engagement: Sculpture and Kinetic Art by Darcy Meeker Studio

The relationship between art and architecture is something like water to the ocean. Art for the outdoors is art for everyone. It takes the environment we share with other humans, animals, and nature, making aesthetic offerings out of this relativity. Indoors, we control our environment.

Art for the Outdoors is sponsored by Darcy Meeker Studio

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