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Post an RFP

There’s an ocean of talent out there
  • Free
  • Post your RFP/RFQ for free and reach over 14,000 experienced commission artists.
  • Your project will be published online in our RFP listings, and also in CODAweekly, our newsletter for commission opportunities.
  • Listings can be filtered by location, budget, deadline, and more.

RFP Blast

The one place where award winners are the norm
  • $500 (25% Discount to Non-Profits and Government Agencies)
  • We’ll send your RFP email announcement twice, targeting up to 14,000 international artists by profession and medium.
  • Only CODAworx is connected to leading artists from all over the world, artists who can make magic and transform spaces, on time and on budget.
  • Why? Over 30 years of experience and building trust in the commissioned art community. Since 1985, our founders have amassed unmatched industry knowledge of the commissioning process.

RFP Toolkit

Even art people have high-powered software
  • $1,000 (25% Discount to Non-Profits and Government Agencies)
  • Simplifies the art commission process. Starting with RFP Blast, the RFP Toolkit sends your RFP twice to leading artists around the world.
  • Then, you and your committee can review responses in real time with our online application management tool.
  • From day one, visually consistent portfolios show all critical applicant information in one screen. Multiple viewers can see submissions in real time using our RFP Toolkit.

RFP Concierge

How about a helping hand?
  • Based on the project size and budget
  • Or do you just want us to do the work for you? We can do that too. Our RFP Services team is here to oblige with a custom package.
  • From start to finish, we can handle all of the details of the RFP process, working closely with your key stakeholders and decision makers.
  • Resulting in amazing art commissions that meet your specific goals, dreams, and visions.

Other Commissioning Services


  • Cost paid by selected party


  • $750 (up to 5 hours)
  • Our team is available to assist with any aspect of the commission process! If you’re unsure whether your inquiry requires consultation,
    please contact us at [email protected].

Commission Contract

  • $1,000
  • Our commission contract template outlines the business relationship, scope of the artwork, what rights are being purchased, and what rights the artist is retaining. This saves you the cost of hiring an attorney.
Download our Guide to Commissioning Art