NiNo Alicea was born and raised in Puerto Rico where he started his art education. He moved to Indiana completing a BA in Fine Arts/Graphic Design from IPFW and then moved to Los Angeles to work as a Production Designer/Art Director for the film business.

NiNo is known for being the first Puerto Rican to ever bring art to Burning Man with "Got Framed" in 2015 and 2016. He was an Honoraria Art Grant 2017 recipient for his wise owl "MÚCARO" which has led to #MÚCARO4PR, presently in development. In 2021 "Múcaro's Rising" a mural at a basketball court located in Loíza, Puerto Rico was in the Top 100 of the 2021 CODAawards. He has created and installed art in California, Texas, and Maine.

His dedication and love for big-city art involving communities continues to grow. His goal is to continue inspiring youth through art. - @LeaveItToNiNo”.

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My Projects

  • ATABEY's Treasure

    ATABEY's Treasure is represented as a fish leaping off the ground. The goddess of fresh water to the Taíno people of NiNo's homeland. Given the environmental challenges Puerto Rico has experienced recently, we chose to honor her spirit. She was made out of steel and metal, solar powered and it stands 18 feet tall by 36 feet long.

  • Got Framed

    Got Framed is a playful and interactive life-sized photo frame that promotes human connection, encouraging participants to be a part of the bigger picture. Fun & interactive art piece for the making of memories. 12' high x 14' long x 2' deep. From afar, it's a life-sized, fabulous frame that captures a notable image. Up close, it's the ultimate stage to strike a pose on! With ladders on either side & monkey bars across the top, you can let your imagination go and become the masterpiece.


    A tall wise and woody owl art installation representing Puerto Rico at Burning Man. Participants climbed up into its head via spiral stairways that were adorned with images of childhood school memories. Once at the head, participants had a sweeping view of the playa through MÚCARO’s giant eyes and moved its head as it rotated 360º. First Puerto Rican to ever receive the Honoraria Art Grant from the Burning Man Project.