NiNo Alicea

1312 Masselin Ave
Los Angeles, CA US

Phone: 323-304-8121


Profile Type: artist

  • Experiential and Interactive
  • Public Works
  • Sculpture
  • Wall Art

El NiNo is a Puerto Rican artist specializing in large-scale public interactive art installations. Introduced to the art world at an early age, as a child, he always found ways to draw, paint, create or build.  Started college at the University of Puerto Rico and joined the National Student Exchange Program. Transferred to Indiana-Purdue University finishing a B.A. in Fine Arts specializing in Graphic Design. In 2015, he designed "Got Framed" which marked him as the first Puerto Rican to ever bring art to Burning Man. In 2017, he became the first from his island to receive the Honoraria Art Grant and the Global Art Grant. He designed, installed and burnt his iconic art piece called "MÚCARO". His latest social outreach art project, “MÚCARO’s Rising”, a basketball floor mural located in Puerto Rico, where he designed, remodeled and painted the court with the community and empowered them in the process.  Currently he is working on a permanent art installation located in the town of Loíza. A new version of his “MÚCARO" but this time for Puerto Rico. It will be made out of recycling materials with the purpose to involve the community again and educate them about sustainable energy options. His hopes are to continue helping the island in their rebuild process. Personally what fulfills him the most is creating spaces that provoke thought and conversation. He enjoys seeing people being stimulated, and better yet, inspired to create, thrive and dream big.

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