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Got Framed

Client: Burning Man

Location: Los Angeles, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $88,000

Project Team





Burning Man


Got Framed is a playful and interactive life-sized photo frame that promotes human connection, encouraging participants to be a part of the bigger picture. Fun & interactive art piece for the making of memories. 12' high x 14' long x 2' deep. From afar, it's a life-sized, fabulous frame that captures a notable image. Up close, it's the ultimate stage to strike a pose on! With ladders on either side & monkey bars across the top, you can let your imagination go and become the masterpiece.


The piece is 100% about togetherness, and the audience is unlimited. Locals, tourists, families, couples, singles, seniors, kids, big and small, and even their pets. UNLIMITED. Even the city background becomes a character in the picture. The day, the atmosphere, the weather...all become a part of the art.

Additional Information

Got Framed is inviting, playful and all about interactivity. It promotes participation, and encourages passersby to BE THE ART. The experience is fun and physical, like recess is for kids. Participants can step up, climb on, take a photograph...‘monkey around’, and invite others to join in. Basically they can have fun interacting with a large scale art piece and make a memory to take with them.