MÚCARO’s Rising

Submitted by NiNo Alicea


Client: 2K Foundations

Location: Loíza, PR, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $42,000

Project Team


NiNo Alicea

Leave It To NiNo


Gavin Smith

Made with NRG


2K Foundations


Puerto Rican artist El NiNo, designed, painted and restored the first basketball court sponsored by 2K Foundations in collaboration with Project Backboard in the island where he was born and raised.


2K Foundations was created to support under-served communities across the nation by refurbishing basketball courts in neighborhoods that need them the most. In this case for its first time in the city of Loíza, Puerto Rico. They worked closely with local artist, El NiNo, they picked his design, he painted and remodeled the court to be solar powered. In addition, to created an inspiring successful outreach program to involve the Villas de Loiza community in the painting and restoring process.


In 2017, Loiza, like so many of Puerto Rico’s cities and municipalities, was left devastated by Hurricane Maria. 2K Foundations partnered with Puerto Rican artist, Nino Alicea, to create a unique court design symbolizing the strength and resilience of the Puerto Rican people, while reinforcing the message…“This Puerto Rico Will Rise.” The basketball court is a hub for community activity and the members took great pride in helping to restore the court.

Additional Information

2K Foundations in collaboration with Made with NRG contacted El NiNo to helped them create their first project in the island of Puerto Rico. Their first project was such a success. NiNo also assisted with his local network with paint and tools to help restore their second basketball court in the city of Toa Baja.