Technology & Art – Where Collaboration Is Key

Technology & Art – Where collaboration is key

The five senses, our gateway to meaningful experiences rich in emotions and unforgettable
moments. Throughout history artists have looked for new ways to appeal to the senses, and in
today’s world, technology comes very much into play when artists look to resonate with their
public. More than ever – part of art and its various creative processes – technology allows a
variety of skills to come together and to generate original works that appeal to a wider
audience through constantly renewed and renewable experiences.

To this end, Init puts together teams of scenographers, designers, engineers, architects,
technicians and digital specialists. By partnering with the very best talent, Init seamlessly blends
innovation and expertise to allow artists and artisans from a variety of disciplines to realize
their visions and optimize each project, from concept to reality, creating uniquely stimulating
interactive installations.

Creations produced by Init – Optik and LAPS

Brand-new interactive installation Optik, created by The Urban Conga, and LAPS, by Olivier
Landreville, used technology to streamline the process at each stage of production. During the
design phase, drawing and engineering softwares were necessary to increase precision and
visualization of the multiple required pieces ranging from the smallest screw to the most
amazing wheel. It directly led to an increase of efficiency during trial stages and a better control
over quality.

Technology also supports the experience and design. Technology is a means to generate an
intuitive, inclusive and timeless experience. The idea of technology sometimes seems like it
needs to be futuristic or groundbreaking. From our perspective, it needs to be seamless at a
point that you might not even feel it. It is integrated to the general experience where users are
very much in control of what they do.
To bring these two projects to life, Init called upon the magic touch of Serge Maheu, a
celebrated designer of interactive experiences and a guru of interactive control systems. We
also teamed up with Maintenance Industries Meca-Fab inc. for everything related to structure
and engineering. Adding this dynamic pair to our projects allows peace of mind while evolving
each project to its full potential.

Adaptation – the case of Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0

These same partners proved essential for the adaptation of the installation Mi Casa, Your Casa,
by Esrawe + Cadena. From a classic piece originally commissioned by the High Museum in
Atlanta, we pushed the idea of illuminating each Casa so we can feel right at home wherever it
goes. This new version of the installation, Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0, hit the road with Creos as
touring partner and has animated nearly 20 public spaces throughout North America.

Permanent AND touring: possible? You bet!
Rob Jensen + Warren Trezevant's Sonic Runway installation was originally featured as part of
Burning Man and then adapted for the road. This sound and light masterpiece visited many
cities in America and Europe and still impresses by its concept of watching sound. Based on its
success with the San Jose community, they develop the Sonic Runway for permanent display –
be on the lookout if you attend CODASummit this fall.

These concrete examples demonstrate that collaboration is the key to putting technology and innovation at art’s service. Init is driven by a perpetual sense of wonder, innovation and industry best practices where collaboration guarantees success, audacity and endless

Now, it is your turn to tell us more about your next big idea. We want to hear all about it!

Photo Credits (Left to right, clockwise):

The Optik Team (from left to the right): Maude Pelletier (Init), Ryan Swanson (The Urban
Conga), Serge Maheu, Régis Proulx (Init) and Virginie Simon (Init) at the Init workshops during
Optik’s creation.

Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0 in South Lake Union, Seattle. A
creation by Esrawe + Cadena in collaboration with Serge Maheu.

Sonic Runway by Rob Jensen + Warren Trezevant in Montreal as part of