Sonic Runway

Submitted by Creos


Client: Private

Location: London, United Kingdom

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Public Art Agent

Alexandre Lemieux



Rob Jensen

Zamboom LLC


Warren Trezevant

Zamboom LLC


A corridor of lights synchronized to the speed of sound.

The Sonic Runway is a light-art installation that converts audio signals into patterns of light that shoot down a 342 to 432 ft (105 to 132 meters) corridor of 20 to 25 LED lined arches at the speed of sound.

At the front of the Runway, the observers see musical sound waves rippling away from them. Walking down the corridor, sound and light are always in sync. Looking back from the far end, walkers can see the sound waves coming at them, and hear the music as the pattern reaches them.

A striking addition to any urban or festival landscape, the Sonic Runway becomes an unforgettable destination that offers an otherworldly sensory experience.


The first Sonic Runway was installed at Burning Man ‘03/’04 as part of a large scale sound art camp, Sol System. Sixteen steel framed pyramids were spaced out over 1000 feet, emanating from the DJ booth. At the top of each pyramid was a strobe light programmed to flash in sync with the thump of the bass.
16 years later, the new Runway took the same basic concept but with an all new circular design, twice as many gates, greater interactivity, and more intricate visualizations.
Instead of connecting to a single DJ booth, the new Runway was installed in the open playa, with a rotating schedule of a large scale sound art cars (and the occasional opera singer!) providing the music.


After a successful run at Burning Man 2016, in 2017 the Sonic Runway is making its first international appearance in the middle of downtown Chengdu, China, presented by IFS.
Then the installation was also presented in San Jose.
Since 2019, the creators have decided continuing contributing in energizing other public spaces around the world by partnering with Creos, a world leading agency for public interactive installations in urban spaces. Since the beginning of this partnership, the Sonic Runway has been presented at Wembley Park, London, UK, at Toronto Waterfront, ON, CAN, and many new destinations are planned for 2021-22.