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Wind and Wings

Client: Dayton Children's Hospital

Location: Springboro, OH, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $140,000

Project Team


Stephen Frank Canneto

Canneto Studios Inc.

Art Consultant

Barbara Harriman, IIDA

distinctive art source


David Glover AIA, LEED AP

Champlin Architecture


David Johnson

Canneto Studios Inc.

Industry Resource

Todd Alexander


Industry Resource

Eddy Rajczyk

Lighting Unlimited

Industry Resource

Wes Battoclette

Batto Photo

Industry Resource

Chris Harder

Lighting Unlimited

Industry Resource

Don Roberts

American Plastic Distributors


Wind and Wings flows for 570 lineal feet through Dayton Children’s Hospital, Springboro. Dichrolaminate forms, suspended from stainless steel aircraft cable, symbolize wind currents and fuselages animate the open stairway and first floor concourses throughout the Hospital’s three building complex.


The goal for integrating WINDS AND WINGS into the hospital’s public concourses was to create a joyful and playful environment. The Dichrolaminate material and forms play with the light, changing colors and cast them on ceiling and walls as viewers pass below. The sculpture, with its whimsical forms and brilliant colors, finds its success in the elevated spirits of patients, care givers and hospital staff.


Canneto Studios was brought into this project by the art consultant Distinctive Art Source. As the building’s construction was underway the challenge was to design a suspension system for the sculpture that would work with the installed drop ceiling rather than attaching it to the buildings steel structure as originally planned. Syncing with the electrical, flooring and suspended ceiling contractors was critical and facilitated by Architect David Glover and Todd Alexander, project manager.

Additional Information

WINDS AND WINGS flows through the Specialty Services Building, Connecting Corridor and Emergency Department like fresh currents of air. The continuously changing play of light and color are reminiscent of the ever changing sky as air currents shape and move the clouds. The dynamic and graceful movement of the sculpture through the space symbolizes the flow of caring and creative energy throughout the Hospital and into the surrounding community.