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Water in all its States

Client: Yann Kersale

Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2015

Project Team

Industry Resource

Demiurge LLC

Demiurge LLC


Yann Kersale

Public Art Agent

Kendall Peterson


Demiurge teamed up with Paris-based artist Yann Kersalé to fabricate and install an interactive light sculpture at the Denver International Airport. This interactive sculpture utilizes a moving escalator that slowly raises five stories connecting the Public Transit Center to the Level 5 Plaza. During the 90-second journey between levels viewers see a slow-moving images of water in all it's states (Solid, Liquid and Gas) projected onto a faceted rock-like wall structure and reflected by smaller crystal-like sculptures on the side walls.


The experience aims to capture the experiential quality of the space, much of which will be defined by SNAIK’s integration of advanced projection and image mapping techniques, as well a complex composition of mirrored crystalline forms. Abstract projections inspired by water in all three of its natural forms will be cast onto the nearly forty foot tall aluminum rock wall and then captured and reflected by the series of mirrored crystals on the east and west walls. The rides up and down through the space offer unique perspectives of this technology driven sculptural piece creating a rich and dynamic experience for travelers to and from DIA’s new public transit terminal.


Demiurge, Kersalé and his SNAIK Studios team are worked with a number of consultants, collaborators, architects and the Denver International Airport to coordinate and facilitate this work of art. Spanning multiple years, sequencing, planning and logistics were critical to make this work come to life as the artwork had to be installed in multiple phases specifically cooridinated with the new construction.