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5555 Marion St. Unit B
Denver, CO United States

Phone: 303-292-1011


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A true collaborative partner, Demiurge translates artists’ visions and brings them to life. Cost-effective design solutions paired with site-specific fabrication and installation plans create one-of-a-kind works. Our commitment to the artistic quality and integrity is unparalleled.

My Projects

  • Swirl

    Swirl is located at Cowles Commons (formerly Nollen Plaza), spanning nearly a hundred feet in...

  • Reflection

    Demiurge partnered with Volkan Alkanoglu for a third time to fabricate and install Reflection, a...

  • Motio

    Motio consists of twelve 8' sections, giving it a total length of 96'. At it's...

  • Time Present

    Demiurge worked with Brooklyn-based artist Molly Dilworth to fabricate and install Time Present. Fabricated from...

  • Idea Tree

    Demiurge worked with architect and artist Soo-in Yang to fabrication and install Idea Tree. The...

  • Bird

    Beginning with a nine and a half inch model created by Will Ryman, Demiurge hand...

  • Iridescent Cloud

    Iridescent Cloud consists of over seven hundred acrylic prisms individually affixed to stainless steel rods...

    • Sculpture: Abstract
    • Plazas
    • Transform a Space
    • Abstract
    • Mixed Media
  • Water in all its States

    Demiurge teamed up with Paris-based artist Yann Kersalé to fabricate and install an interactive light...

    • Light Art
    • Airports
    • Visual Storytelling
    • Water
    • Mixed Media