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The Living Lantern


Location: New York, NY, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


Neon Studio


Frankie Boyle


Wireframe Public Art Agency


The Living Lantern is a touring public art installation created by Light Artist Frankie Boyle and Architects Neon Studio, distributed by the Public Art Agency, Wireframe. Designed as an inviting artwork, the Living Lantern offers a sense of hope and joy and activates public space in a unique way. Light, colour and form come together to create a sensory experience that connects to our emotions for a salutary meditative pause. The monumental structure (19.5ft high by 13ft wide) is constantly evolving, adapting in response to natural elements. The wind fuels organic movements which in turn bring the structure to life. At night, the visual effect is heightened by animated light sequences which infuse the space with flowing colours. Visitors are invited to spend time observing the mesmerizing lantern change, suggesting a deeper and longer-lasting emotional relationship between people and their surroundings. This artwork illustrates the responsiveness of humankind and how we are capable of adapting to change and working together when we face new situations. « Lanterns are a universal symbol of brightness, transcendence and guiding light. They remind us of our ability to find our way in the world and speak to our innate inner strength. » says Light Artist Frankie Boyle.


The Living Lantern made its latest appearance in the Garment District, NYC for a 6 weeks exhibition in 2023. Placed intentionally near the vibrant Times Square, one of Manhattan's busiest streets, the artwork aimed to provide passers-by with an unexpected moment of pause and tranquility.

Constructed from a wooden framework adorned with 790 kinetic petals, the installation delivered an organic and multi-sensory experience to the public, injecting new textures and poetic elements into the typically bustling environment.

The installation's rounded shape and general scale played a transformative role, shifting expectations and altering the city's visual dynamics.

The client expressed that the impact surpassed expectations in terms of media coverage and attention, emphasizing that the recognition was truly well-deserved.
They characterized The Living Lantern as a wonderfully ambitious work, marking it as their most remarkable project to date.

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