5946 rue Saint-Hubert
Montreal, QC CA

Phone: 1-888-621-2022

Mobile: +1514-836-4685

Website: http://www.wireframe.ca

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  • Artist Management
  • Business Solutions
  • Installation Services
  • Project Management
  • Touring Installations

Wireframe is a Montreal-based, Public Art agency. We work with some of the best studios and cities in the world in order to produce and tour amazing interactive public art experiences. From commercial centers to festivals, the world wants more art installations that engage and unite the public. We are here to assist our customers in finding that unique piece that will activate their space in a memorable way. From commissioned pieces to touring installations, we can assist those curating in order to find the right artist. Through our catalogue of temporary installations, we will ensure that your placemaking strategy is a resounding success. With years of experience in the public realm, our team will guide you through our process to find what is right for you.

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