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Soaring Above

Client: City of Calabasas

Location: Calabasas, CA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Lorri Acott

Dream Big Sculpture


Adam Schultz

Dream Big Sculpture

Public Art Agent

Toni Liebman

City of Calabasas

Public Art Agent


City of Calabasas


The City of Calabasas, California put out a call for a sculpture to celebrate their 25 anniversary of being a city.


The goals were to serve as a landmark sculpture for the City of Calabasas, enhance and enrich the architecture of the city hall and library complex.


After we were selected, we made a site visit. At this time we selected a location to use in drawings as we designed the sculpture. While meeting with them we learned that the city bird of Calabasas is the Red Tailed Hawk, so we integrated that as well as the crescent or C into the sculpture. As we talked about the base, the art specialist recommended a "swoopy" base and requested that the sculpture rotate.

Additional Information

It was a delight working with people in Calabasas