Dream Big Sculpture

192 Delaware Ct. United States
Red Feather Lakes, CO United States

Phone: 970-219-7418

Website: http://www.dreambigsculpture.com

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Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Metal
  • Experiential and Interactive
  • Sculpture
  • Suspended and Mobiles
  • Wall Art

For most of our lives we have been drawn to beauty in the world. We feel such joy at the colors in a sunset, or at the sight of an eagle in flight, that it becomes our compulsion to share this appreciation with others in some tangible way, so that they might also experience some sense of what we’re feeling. This irrepressible urge to reach out to others through artwork is what defines us most as artists. Lately, a lot of our work has been about finding beauty in unusual places, overlooked ideas, and however unexpectedly,

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