RITZ-CARLTON, Chicago - CODAworx


Client: Ritz-Carlton Hotels

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $40,000

Project Team

Concept, and Execution

Roger Reutimann

Reutimann Studios LLC

Art Advisors

Nine Dots, Denver

Nine Dots, Denver, CO


The Ritz Carlton hotels are renowned for their impeccable standards, luxurious aesthetics, and exceptional art collection. The Chicago location sought a piece that would seamlessly blend with its sophisticated ambiance.

Inspired by the avant-garde movement of Cubism, present in the immediate neighborhood, the sculpture embarks on an exploration of perspective manipulation. Merging realism and abstraction, it creates a dynamic interplay that challenges observers’ perceptions. The fluidity of its shapes and forms evokes a sense of wonder and intrigue.

“Perception Number 11,” it invites viewers to embark on a journey of visual discovery, revealing new facets from every angle. As it finds its place within the Ritz Carlton, the sculpture not only enriches the hotel’s esteemed art collection but also encourages guests to immerse themselves in the beauty of artistic expression.

Medium: Bronze and Automotive Paint
Dimensions: Height = 8 feet, Width = 5 feet, Depth = 2 feet


Integrating this commissioned artwork into the luxurious ambiance of the Ritz Carlton hotel in Chicago served a clear goal: to evoke a sense of timeless elegance and make a subtle yet profound statement. The sculpture aimed to embody the essence of classic sculpture while resonating with the hotel's high standards.

With its graceful curves and contours, "Perception # 11" seamlessly blended into the interior of the hotel, becoming an integral part of its aesthetic tapestry. It exuded a sense of refined sophistication, complementing the hotel's commitment to excellence.

The goal was to create an artwork that transcended mere decoration, but rather engaged guests on a profound level, inviting them to pause and contemplate its beauty. By seamlessly integrating this sculpture into the Ritz Carlton's environment, it enriched the guest experience, leaving an indelible impression of timeless artistry and impeccable taste.