Passage - CODAworx


Client: Deaconess Hospice Center

Location: Evansville, IN, United States

Completion date: 2023

Project Team


Dale Enochs


Ottenweller Company Inc.

Ottenweller Company Inc.


Terry Howe


Martin Beach


My intent was to create a calming reassuring image that references the dynamics of the Deaconess hospice center. This is where I first turned to the image and symbolism of the arcs within the existing chapel.

The sculpture consists of two 12′ x 24″ x 6′ stainless steel arcs. The interiors of both arcs are fitted with LED light bars that illuminate the Passage sculpture from within at night.


My intent is to create a contemplative experience utilizing arcs similar to those within the chapel of the courtyard’s hospice house but in a horizontal fashion, thus creating a directional pathway. The arcs visually move as if flowing like water. This flowing movement echoes the serpentine pattern of the courtyard’s sidewalks. For cultures throughout human history, a curving serpentine pattern is indicative of the movement and flow of water. Traditionally, water is symbolic of cleansing, purity, and change.
The arcs, centrally located within the circular plaza, are composed of laser-cut perforated stainless steel. The perforated compositions illustrate water, the sky, and a celestial background. These images are interspersed with birds in flight, an individual in a boat, pertinent words, and additional symbolic images. These images are woven within the perforated composition. They are intended to be observed and discovered by participating viewers. The overall illustrated perforations allow for the mixing of light and shadows between the arced forms and their exterior surfaces. On sunny days, the imagery is cast upon the pavers in sync with the sun's movement. At night, the images are lit from within.


The initial images were drawn by hand, scanned, and developed into vector images. 1/4" stainless steel plates were then laser cut, bump formed, and welded at Ottenweller Company Inc. in Ft. Wayne, Indiana.