Dale Enochs

8635 S. Ketcham Rd.
Bloomington, IN US

Phone: 812-824-8181

Mobile: 812-360-0706

Website: http://www.daleenochs.com/

Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Walls
  • Commemorative
  • Public Works
  • Sculpture
  • Wall Art

Dale Enochs has been working as an independent artist for 40 years. His work can be found in private, public, corporate and museum collections in the United States, Canada, Japan and China. His choice of materials, stone and metals, are known for their strength, durability, integrity and beauty. Enochs is known for both his monumental work, his small intimate pieces and his attention to detail on both. Regardless of the scale, he strives to create cohesive statements with dynamic visual compositions that address a projects requirements and its relationship to the environment.

My Projects

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