Client: NCR World Headquarters

Location: Atlanta, GA, United States

Completion date: 2017

Project Team


Danielle Roney

Danielle Roney Studio

Art Consultant

Anne Tracht

ConsultArt Inc.


Jason Hoeft



Phillip Crook, Jake Swindal, Erik Kandler

HITT Contracting



Industry Resource

Madera Arts




NEXUS is the iconic emblem of NCR’s world headquarters, mission and history of innovation while offering a future vision of global connectivity.
The monumental, seven-story sculpture uniquely responds to the lobby atrium spatial dynamics to reveal a fluid series of interactions for a mobile audience; illuminating themselves at different proximities and paces. Natural light filters through the reflections of the stainless steel spheres, where interactions between light and form respond to the transition of time and space, utilizing the mirrored surfaces to pull the exterior reflections into the interior atrium.

8,012 hollow, 4” diameter, stainless steel spheres; 925 – 1/16” stainless steel cables, 26 aluminum plate panels
20’L x 34’W x 60’H.


Nexus was conceptualized as a vision of creative innovation anchoring NCRs headquarters as a destination in the technology sector. In the design process, atrium geometries directly influenced algorithmic formations through responsive site specificity, seamlessly creating an integrated relationship to the architecture.


Great projects take dedication, inspiration and expertise from all stakeholders. This reflects the visionary client support from NCR, insightful project management from JLL, and unwavering collaboration with art consultant, Anne Tracht of ConsultArt. With a complex set of installation conditions, a full project team integration was pivotal to the success of Nexus. The artist led key orchestrations between base building construction, interior client construction, structural engineering and scaffolding teams to create a fluid and precise 18-day installation process.