Kuolimo AUG 2015 - CODAworx

Kuolimo AUG 2015

Client: Savitaipale Schoolhouse

Location: Savitaipale, Finland

Completion date: -000

Artwork budget: $75,000

Project Team


Michele Gutlove

Design Studio GH, LLC


Jeffrey M Hoover

Design Studio GH, LLC


Europaeuksen Koulu (school), Savitaipale, Finland

Ten feet by ten feet by sixteen feet.

Installed August 2015.


Deep under the water, Kuolimon nieriä flit through the currents. Sunlight reaches them, molded and shuffled by clear, bright water. Waves toss shadows and reflections down into the lake and up into the air. Arctic terns soar through sun-dappled wind, swooping down over the water to catch glimmering glimpses of the vibrant world beneath the surface of Lake Kuolimo.


The community, school faculty, and facilities staff were extremely helpful in all aspects of the installation.

Additional Information

In a location where there is day-long light in parts of the year, and day-long darkness in others, the art is responsive to the extremes of lighting.