Client: UIUC Urbana Champaign

Location: Urbana Champaign, IL, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $85,000

Project Team


Robert Barnum


Grant Colella

UIUC Urbana Champaign


Douglas William Reddington

UIUC Urbana Champaign


JUSTICE and LIBERTY is a 6000 series Aluminum, Corten Steel, Stainless Steel and galvanized Steel sculpture statement dedicated to the newly remodeled Law School at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. The 26-foot tall sculpture is under my multiple content design agenda and is engineered to be lit by natural light or commercial lights 24/7. This substantial multiple component sculpture environment is engineered to require almost zero maintenance, withstand substantial weather and wind and is safe.


JUSTICE and LIBERTY continues my artistic goals to create public art statements that are unique, bring the human narrative back into the public art arena and to design community driven statements that suggest in creative terms a unique time and place. JUSTICE and LIBERTY speaks in compelling visual terms to the viewer of all ages in multiple visual forms. The first form of visual conversation is in and with the stylized figure, landscape, cut images or symbolic shapes that stands as signature in my public freestanding or wall supported sculptures. The second form of visual conversation designed into my personal statement driven sculptural environments is in and with the cut words, numbers or written narratives that defines in some terms my aesthetic agenda. This design of multiple contents essentially presents a visual statement that a person not only views as with all 3D objects but also a presents a creative figure form book. In essence, you not only view my public art under this design but you also read them. It was also critical with this JUSTICE and LIBERTY statement to engineer a public art exterior environment that could withstand formidable Midwest weather and winds in zero maintenance metals.


JUSTICE and LIBERTY is the newest addition to public art I have earned from national or international competitions. At this date, I have unique public art environments awarded from national/international competitions in ten US states with a newly earned public art sculpture going to an eleventh state. My public art priority in and with my art of creating one of a kind sculptural environments dedicated to a unique time and place requires considerable time and conversation being dedicate to site research and open discussions with selected committees or invested individuals. That open door process of research and conversation begins to build a foundation that is not only personal but also begins the roots to build community public art ownership. JUSTICE and LIBERTY also stands as my newest public art environment considered and studied under my FSU Aesthetic Engineering academic concept. This constantly evolving academic concept designed to fuel unique engineering and design challenges into the academic environment studies all forms of issue including: 1) Multiple forms of content. 2) Humanist content. 3) Engineer public art that can withstand severe weather and winds. 4) Design public art site environments as a total public art statement.

Additional Information

JUSTICE and LIBERTY stands as a creative statement idealizing a law profession dedicated to a contemporary world. The cut word content statement rendered into the sculptures podium was chosen by the UIUC Law Schools Dean, Faculty and Students. In essence and by artistic priority a public art environment dedicated to a unique time and place.