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Flying Y Airport Sculpture “Lenticular”

Client: Flying Y airport

Location: Livingston, MT, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $125,000

Project Team


Jessica Kay Bodner


Flying Y Airport


A large scale site-specific sculpture created for a private airport in Paradise Valley, MT. Inspired by the natural surrounding, weather patterns and the changing seasons. The first sculpture commission of a series to be installed on the site, “Lenticular” captures the dramatic weather patterns and changing moods of the landscape, it is woven yet moving and being pulled in the direction of the major wind patterns. Seen from the sky, it is a beacon for the airport. Painted in a Marigold Yellow a complimentary color to the surrounding landscape.


The sculpture was to be a permanent free standing sculpture that can be seen by approaching aircraft, so color and scale was an important goal. Another aspect was to create a sense of place and a landmark.


From initial concept to final installation, I worked with the owner to create a piece that reflected the ultimate goal of bringing artwork to this rural airstrip, creating a sense of place.