Jessica Bodner

P.O. Box 1108
Emigrant, Montana US

Phone: 4157221788


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  • Light Art
  • Sculpture
  • Suspended and Mobiles

As a practicing full time professional artist for nearly 30 years, I can honestly say I have the best job on the planet, my passion for working with steel and other mediums as a pallet to create my art, blends a strong foundation of engineering and metalworking techniques with a freeform natural style of working with the materials. I am particularly sensitive and intuitive in my design, style, color and scale in relation to the given site and its surrounding buildings and landscape. I base each site-specific work on inspiration drawn from the locality to reflect the culture, express and support neighborhood pride and identity and enhance the quality of life for its residents and visitors, creating a waypoint and place-maker for the community. I have experience and a high level of understanding, working with local city planners, engineers, sub-contractors and community leaders to design, engineer, build and install site-specific public art in a timely and professional manner, meeting all requirements set forth in the terms of the contract. Native American culture fuels an inner passion and inspiration for many projects. As an environmentalist and naturalist, I have always held a strong respect and appreciation for the "Original Peoples" and their interwoven relationship with the land and animals, I feel a strong empathy and kinship with the old ways humans lived and draw profound inspiration from their ancient techniques of weaving and craftsmanship. I aspire to bring some awareness and respect for Native cultures and traditions through the creation of sculptural objects placed in nature or public spaces. My sculpted woven steel vessel forms partially buried in the earth are reminiscent of archeological artifacts, a bygone era of Human and Nature living in harmony. Steel Beehive light sculptures combine form and light that casts texture and patterns on the surrounding surfaces, creating a double dimension of drawing, which harmonizes with the architecture and creates a serene atmosphere. Suspended night sky inspired pieces float orbs of light on spiraling tube steel that seem to spin and move like cirrus clouds in the sky, giving the viewer an opportunity to reflect on distant places. My newest series of colorful outdoor freestanding sculptures, inspired by themes in nature, blend with the grandeur and beauty inherent in outdoor native landscapes. From large Nautilus forms to abstract gestures, metal is twisted and hewn to create woven thickets where light and shadow pass through, creating an interplay between the natural backdrop, the changing seasons and direction of the sun, giving the pieces a mood that is dictated by the weather and seasons.

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