Emergence SEP 2011 - CODAworx

Emergence SEP 2011

Client: Juvenile Justice Center, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Location: Cedar Rapids, IA, United States

Completion date: -000

Artwork budget: $50,000

Project Team


Michele Gutlove

Design Studio GH, LLC

Art Consultant

Jeffrey M Hoover

Design Studio GH, LLC


Fused Colored and Dichroic Glass, Stainless Steel

Dimensions: fourteen feet by sixteen feet by six feet
168″ x 192″ x 72″


A tribute in glass to transformation, installed in the juvenile courthouse in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Hundreds of caterpillars emerge as dichroic glass butterflies in a forest of native wildflowers, ferns, deciduous leaves, and evergreen needles.


We worked together throughout the construction and installation process. There are about 40 butterflies throughout the building.

Additional Information

There are 900 handmade glass caterpillars set into the terrazzo floor and 400 glass butterflies scattered throughout the sculpture.