Earth Etchings Tom Thomson Museum show, Ontario 2019 - CODAworx

Earth Etchings Tom Thomson Museum show, Ontario 2019

Client: Tom Thomson Museum,

Location: Owen Sound, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $200,000

Project Team


Richard Watts

Crowe River Studio


Tom Thomson Museum

Tom Thomson Museum


3 000 sq/ft installation of various works in various media with a focus on environmental issues and climate change.
Works include vulcanized latex and gauze x-rays of the landscape or prints using trees, old cedar strip canoes, old boats and the patterns insects chew into logs in trees/logs as etching plates. Winters-tone castings from tree forks inverted as anthropomorphic forms, also totemic. Steel fragmented canoe form also like a twisting fish or whale. A world symbol-cradle half gone. Thunderbird piece made of three old boats, chard canoe for forest fires.


The goal was to turn the museum into a spiritual sacred space and raise awareness about environmental issues.


The process involved a decade of working in the landscape on different surfaces, then bringing the landscape prints into the Museum thus bridging wilderness and urban culture through the museum and drawing attention to the effects of colonialism-Mark Dion- really liked it.

Additional Information

This project is a small story within a larger story. I live and work in a large converted barn like an overturned ship. Itself is a Museum in the middle of nowhere, two hours from Toronto, in the edge of the Canadian Shield. The Thunderbird piece, is made of an historic fishing boat from Georgian Bay that was turned into a walking boat-whale which showed under the Manhattan Bridge, summer 2007-Jean Claude helped sight it. I said I had Noah's ark under the Manhattan bridge. She laughed and called the Brooklyn Parks commissioner. The show, has been invited to be presented in Germany by Eva Wild Gallery Wild in Zurich, who represents Christo, for a Museum show COVID19 has delayed it.