Submitted by Adam Kuby


Client: WA State Arts Commission

Location: Vancouver, BC, Canada

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $103,000

Project Team


Adam Kuby


Keith Livie

LSW Architects

Public Art Agent

Marissa Laubscher

WA State Arts Commission


Commission for the WA State Arts Commission for Clark College's new STEM building, Vancouver, WA. This work connects to the facility's 'drop tower' in the building's lobby where students and faculty can conduct gravity experiments. Five möbius rings were fabricated and then dropped from 20', 30' 40' and 50' above ground which deformed them into complex and dynamic shapes. Suspended on the building's exterior, they are arranged from the least deformed at the top to the most deformed lower down.


The challenge was to integrate the installation inot the building's facade and lobby.


Worked closely with the architect and engineer to compliment the building design.