Connected - CODAworx


Location: Denver, CO, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Christopher Weed

Christopher Weed Sculpture Inc.

Commissioning agency

City of Lakewood

40 West Arts


These award winning stainless steel puzzle sculptures are installed at 14th and Lamar Roundabout in Lakewood, Colorado. The iconic sculptures represent the connection of Lakewood and the West Colfax Corridor and this tight knit community. The sculptures are illuminated with RGB/LED lighting.

Dimensions are 22’ high x 10.5’ wide and 15″ deep. Sculptures are illuminated in the evening in a spectacular fashion with RGBA LED’s. This iconic installation weighs 5800 lbs or close to 3 tons. Connected was voted as Best New Public Art in Denver 2015 by the WestWord newspaper.


The goals of this installation were to create a larger-than-life gateway sculpture that would welcome the viewer to this area while activating this space. Scale was an important factor as the installation would be surrounded by large buildings and could easily be swallowed up by the surrounding urban landscape. . Color and durability of materials was an important factor as the installation needed to pop, while
drawing the viewer nearer and piquing their curiosity. Lastly, The sculpture would have a daytime and nighttime presence as this part of the city is quite active into the wee hours.


The collaborative process between 40 West Arts District and the city of Lakewood, CO, and the numerous other people involved including architects, engineers, city planners, contractors, and my design team, was seamless. All parties were flexible as sometimes there are unknowns with roadway infrastructure projects.. This integration and pride in the project, one that would represent the city ofLakewood, and 40 West Arts for many generations to come was very welcoming and speaks to the pride felt by this community and their city.