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Bubble Trees

Client: Immotec Suisse AG

Location: Neuchâtel, Switzerland

Completion date: 2021

Project Team


Mirek Struzik



Fabien Schenck



“Bubble Trees” was created as a new iteration of the Bubble sculptures series and reflects values similar to those presented by the Bubble Forest: the ability of plants to produce oxygen.
Bubble Trees in their basic form consists of three main elements (the trees), however they can be multiplicated, there can be many more Bubble Trees installed in the client’s location.
When the sun sets, the dynamic illumination system (RGB LED lamps in lightboxes installed in ground + the controller) lets the sculpture undergo a complete metamorphosis and shows its true colors. It’s a great feature in dynamic public places, where a lot of people walks.


The goal was to create a unique landmark and integrate it with the new office building. The sculpture was inspired the grapes which grow on the other side of the street.

Additional Information

DATE September 2021 LOCATION Neuchâtel, Switzerland MATERIAL Acid-resistant, stainless steel DIMENSIONS Three basic heights of the trees: 589cm (19.32ft), 630cm (20.67ft) and 680cm (22.30ft) CLIENT IMMOTEC SUISSE AG