Mirek Struzik

Cwiczebna 9/11
Wroclaw, PL

Phone: +48 692168278

Website: http://www.struzik-art.com

Profile Type: artist

  • Architectural Metal
  • Light Art
  • Sculpture

He is especially fascinated by the floral patterns, such as constructions of flowers and plants, he focuses on transitioning these biological micro structures into the macro scale of sculptures. His sculptures are meant to be freely interpreted by the viewer, as each person’s imagination can see and understand them in a completely different way. His works are always carefully fitted into the urban surroundings and perfectly correspond with the space that surrounds them. Most of his sculptures are made from acid resistant stainless steel and illuminated with RGB LEDs which enables them to undergo a metamorphosis at dusk, when the illumination turns on an transforms their character completely.

My Projects

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