Friday Roundup: Kanye, Recipe Graffiti, and an Artificial Sun

A dollop of the week’s art + design news!

5Pointz, an iconic wall of graffiti in New York
5Pointz, an iconic wall of graffiti in New York and this week’s #2. [via]

5. Some Tasty Street Art

An unknown artist is wandering the streets of Cologne, Germany and covering fast food advertisements with easy homemade recipes, for a low-cal solution to Burger King.

4. Tapestries under the Tree

The LA Times put artist Regina Vorgang’s rugs and tapestries on their Christmas wish list, and we have, too.

3. Star Light, Star Bright

An English city has installed their own star in the city square.

2. Whitewashed.

An iconic wall of graffiti in New York City has been whitewashed. The owner is converting the building into a luxury apartment high-rise and says he chose to paint over the work so artists wouldn’t have to see their work demolished.

1. West Comes to Town

Rapper Kanye West visited Harvard’s Graduate School of Design and gave a talk to architects. It was controversial and enlightening and many other things–but definitely not boring.