Friday Roundup: 5 Bits of News to Peruse

A dollop of the week’s art and design goings-on.

Photo from Banky’s instagram account, this week’s #3.

5. An Australian Icon


Forty years after the Sydney Opera House opened, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation takes a look back with this rich and detailed multimedia overview, explaining the conception, the engineering and the renowned performances at the institution.

4. Hallow Gestures 

Apartment Therapy rounds up the best of this year’s Halloween decorations, just in time for you to distract the kids from their candy with these DIY’s.

3. Rebel with a Cause 

Rumors continue to swirl about street artist Bansky’s month-long residency in New York. The artist, who had planned to release new artwork every day of October, was forced to cancel a scheduled piece “due to police activity.” (Banksy is wanted by the NYPD for vandalism.)

2. Metal Man

PBS’ Craft in America explores metal sculptors, including artist Albert Paley, creator of 13 sculptures on New York’s Park Avenue. The special premiers tonight on PBS.

1. Genie in the Dev Bottle 

Google’s secret development department is working on new technology called “Genie,” that could change the way we construct and design buildings. The report from Genie’s development team describes it as a cloud-based platform with “planning applications to help architects and engineers in the design process.”