Why and How Temporary Touring Art Installations Impact Placemaking

Above left: Oscillation by The Urban Conga. Above right:Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0, by Esrawe + Cadena.

Why and How Temporary Touring Art Installations Impact Placemaking

Throughout the world, cities and towns are using art and technology to transform public spaces into places of convergence and human connection. Permanent initiatives are a must, but they can and indeed should be reinforced by punctual initiatives. Maintaining momentum is all about creatively retaining people’s interest through the quieter periods of an annual program.

WHY should public space managers present temporary art installations?

It Helps Create Stronger Communities

Temporary interactive artworks enhance the conversation about a public space and serve as ambassadors for communities, creating memorable moments and long-lasting social ties through accessible interactive art.

Our clients have often found that temporary and playful art presentations attract a diversity of age and race among attendees.

“Creos and Init really understand our mission of utilizing play within everyday spaces to create more inclusive and equitable spaces and places. ” – RYAN SWANSON, Creative Director, The Urban Conga, creator of Oscillation (on the photo) and Optik. Photo credit: Maria Flanagan

It Brings Public Spaces To Life

Interactive art installations coupled with media and social media coverage lead to improving visibility, public perception of destinations, and long-term brand awareness of neighbourhoods and cities.

Mi Casa, Your Casa 2.0, by Esrawe + Cadena. Photo credit: Creos

As a matter of fact, several surveys conducted by Creos’ clients and partners have shown that presenting temporary art:

Encourages the non-local public to visit

Changes the public perception of their city/neighborhood and their sense of belonging

Contributes to improving the image of their city/neighborhood

Encourages them to come back for a similar event in the future

It Increases Economic Impact

The unique, safe, playful and engaging experiences created by temporary installations go a long way to making places and neighbourhoods ‘buzzworthy’, thereby increasing pedestrian traffic and revenue for both hosts and surrounding businesses.

HOW – The pillars of an interactive & temporary touring artwork

Behind the installations are passionate creators, designers and producers, who are looking to give life to new creations or to give new life to existing installations that were destined for obscurity. These temporary installations can animate a variety of spaces, or one place can be enlivened by an array of different installations throughout the year.

Essential characteristics that allow an art installation to hit the road and to fulfill its goals. It should:

offer daytime and nighttime experiences;

offer an interactive and playful experience;

be intuitive and universal;

be four-seasons adapted;

be easy to assemble and dismantle in all conditions.

Over the past six years, while implementing projects with public place managers from all over the world, Creos can see and confirm that presenting temporary artistic (and playful) initiatives creates short but also long-term impact and contributes to the sustainability of a public space, a neighborhood, or even a city. Having at heart the democratization of art and delivering meaningful experiences, the team works closely with managers who deal with a variety of types and size of public space, helping them choose the right artwork for their community and for their unique needs, making a difference one city and one community at a time.


Founded in 2016, Creos is a Quebec family business that offers its clients a wide-ranging portfolio of interactive installations that transform public spaces into must-see events and destinations. Recognized as an international leader in its field, Creos acts as an active liaison between managers, developers, creators, and distributors of public art around the world.

The Creos effect in numbers

  • A diversified portfolio of participatory touring installations offering unique experiences
  • Over 300 projects worldwide
  • Installations having traveled in 100 cities, 13 countries, 4 continents
  • More than 7,000 days of one-of-a-kind experiences in public spaces