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Zengo Restaurant, Wire Wall Art Mural

Submitted by Elizabeth Berrien


Client: Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery

Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Completion date: 2015

Artwork budget: $45,000

Project Team


Elizabeth Berrien

Wire Zoo

Art Consultant

Paul Mutinda

Four Seasons Ramesh Gallery


Zengo Dubai


For the new Zengo restaurant and night club, a strikingly distinctive pair of wire sculpture wall art panels was commissioned, approx 93″ x 288″. Materials were steel wire strands, entirely hand-woven. All wirework elements to be instlled precisely 2″ in front of a stainless steep backdrop, to cast intriguing shadows.


The goal was to create and enhance the mood of mystery and impossibility... a dark, enchanted jungle/forest with kung fu warriors among a dramatic scene of spiky and thorny trees, complete with spiderwebs! It was to blend with an exciting environment of natural materials set in angular and dramatically contrasting juxtapositions... just right for the adventurous evening and nightclub crowd.


During the design phase we had many email and phone exchanges, during which the client's simple concept sketch took on life and detail as we worked toward the concept that best appealed to all. As work progressed, I sent periodic progress photos so the client could see and comment until final approval was achieved.

Additional Information

I flew to Dubai with the wire wall art densely folded and packed for optimum economical shipping. On site, I consulted on the installation with art consultants, restaurant owner, manager and chef, hotel owner and manager, etc. I think I had up to 14 persons lending helpful advice. I was so happy to create a wire wall art that pleased them all!