Youth Olympic Games Commemorative Sculpture- “Breathe” wind kinetic sculpture

Submitted by Edwin Cheong


Client: Youth Olympic Games Committee

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Edwin Cheong


Urban Redevelopment Authority

Urban Redevelopment Authority


Youth Olympic Games

Youth Olympic Games


This wind kinetic sculpture was commissioned to commemorate the 1st ever Youth Olympic Games. The global awareness of the need to love our earth inspired the meaning behind the work. The total number of leaves on the tree counts the number of nations in the world. The wind harnessed to create movement and splendor reminds us that when nature is left to itself, the balance creates beauty for us humans.


To be a meaningful artwork that speaks about our current global concerns.


Close working relationship with Youth Olympic Games Committee, Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore and generous sponsor City Development made this project possible.