Yggdrasil Rune Gate - CODAworx

Yggdrasil Rune Gate

Submitted by Dave Gonzo Sculpture

Client: Ted Debray/Leah Melvion

Location: Olympia, WA, United States

Completion date: 2016

Artwork budget: $8,000

Project Team


Dave Gonzo

Dave Gonzo Sculpture.com


Ted DeBray


Leah Melvion


The gate frame was fabricate from 1″x 3″ rectangular tube with the latch custom fabricated. The tree is created from 1/4″ rod and 1″ tapered pipe to get the shape of the tree, branches and roots with the bark hand plasma cut, formed with the english wheel for compound curves and tack welded on to the frame. The vines and flowers were hand formed and welded into the gate with the MIG process. Dimensions:6' tall by 3'-6″ wide.


The goal for my clients were to have a protective tree gate that held the energy of boundaries for their property. They wanted a custom functional sculptural gate that would blend into the back woods behind their property. Functionality, 3-dimensional and magickal were some of their main requests for this piece.


We discussed what they were envisioning for their gate with the specifications of using a tree, flowers, bind rune that they created along with runes of their choice incorporated into the hinges. Ted asked for a skull to be embedded within somewhere so that it look as though it was part of the tree. 3-4 renderings of sketches were drawn and a few minor changes were made to suit their vision. They both came to the studio and helped with creating the flowers for the vines to instill some of their energy into their gate.