Y Knot Saloon - CODAworx

Y Knot Saloon


Location: Black Rock City, NV, United States

Completion date: 2022

Project Team


JP Conte

Creative Director

Keith London

Fabrication and Logistics

Dave Keane

Folly Builders


Authentic and immersive, a wild west saloon on wheels with every detail considered. Designed by Sean Orlando, JP Conte and Keith London; engineered and fabricated by Sean Orlando and the Engineered Artworks team. With an automotive chassis as its foundation, the Y Knot Saloon is constructed of new and creatively reused materials. Fully immersive, the saloon’s ground-floor includes a bar and lounge area, with stairs leading to a rooftop perch. Musical interactivity comes in the form of a saloon-size piano, with a state of the art audio system and DJ station at the top of the structure.


JP Conte explained his inspiration and design of his western themed vehicle, “It’s about being optimistic about the future and new beginnings” he said. “For me the west always conjured up images of optimism, adventure and new beginnings. We built during the pandemic and we made it more complex by adding hydraulics so we could reduce the deployment costs. Then we added flamethrowers, and all sorts of features. When you see this up close, it's a really authentic western saloon with tin ceilings, wallpaper and furniture from the 1800s. We've got old photos of my own ancestors and their connection to the west and it's very personal. "