Submitted by Javid JAH


Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Completion date: 2019

Project Team

Graphic Design & Ideation

Carol Ann Apilado

Animation and Sound

Chris Ak

Swivel Design

Joachim Wessmark

Container Modification



An immersive holographic rotating structure follows planetary movement celebrating stories of our connection to the cosmos through sacred geometry. A massive swivel allows a modified shipping container to rotate effortlessly while symbolic representations of the visible planets are presented through sound and light. Originally installed in 2019 in Toronto during Nuit Blanche, the modular apparatus is designed to be re-installed in different locations and settings. Each time, the XSITE team of artists and collaborators explore a different tradition, inspired by the intersections in the various stories associated with celestial movement.


Our goal is to create a holistic experience for audiences by combining innovation in architecture, laser projection and soundscaping. We work with a range of interdisciplinary artists from diverse backgrounds to develop an experience that is layered with symbolism, allowing people to access the traditional knowledge embedded in the installation from a variety of perspectives.


As the lead artist and designer, I facilitate the process of bringing together collaborators to a common table and developing relationships with key stakeholders to ensure project is delivered on time and on budget. Our process begins with research led by an elder or knowledge keeper, followed by visual and audio conceptual development based on the group workshops led by the elder, which lead to production of animations and audio content representative of each of the 7 visible planets. Simultaneously the structure is modified to fit its new context, improving features such as quality of holographic projections, accessibility, security, use of augmented reality through mobile applications, etc. With my background in architecture, I work to secure building permits, administer installation, infrastructure needs as well as developing key drawings for electrical, audio and way-finding on site.

Additional Information

This is an on-going project that has the built-in capacity to travel the world and celebrate cosmology through sacred geometry. We are currently building a web AR app that will allow users to engage with the project in new ways, accessing the research content we are collecting as well as sharing this on their social platforms. We want to take XSITE to myriad settings to provide this cosmic architectural experience, from the middle of a forest to the desert.