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X Marks the Spot

Client: Xenia Group LLC

Location: Clarksville, IN, United States

Completion date: 2020

Artwork budget: $22,000

Project Team

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Art Castings of Colorado

Art Castings of Colorado


A new hotel needs a new sculpture. X Marks the Spot is the name of this horse and jockey sculpture. The musculature and positioning of the legs on the horse as well as the tension in the muscles of the jockey express movement. You can see the determination to win on both faces. This is a limited edition bronze that is 42″L X 27″H X 13″D with a medium French brown patina.


This is a new hotel in the Best Western Plus family across the river from Louisville, KY. As such the owners commissioned an upscale piece of artwork that embraces the spirit of the Kentucky Derby.


The client had a vision for the lobby of the hotel. Through many different conversations and changes to the maquette, we were able to decide on the final design. As the artist I was able to travel to the site, make recommendations, talk with the contractors and client on the size and scope of the sculpture. Originally the client requested something much larger. After seeing the space that it was to be installed, I recommended a smaller sculpture . The installation was in collaboration with the building and construction supervisor.