X Marks the Milky Way - CODAworx

X Marks the Milky Way

Submitted by Renee Robbins

Client: Draper and Kramer

Location: Chicago, IL, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Renee Robbins


JJ McKluckie


“X Marks the Milky Way”, draws from treasure maps, which represent a quest to find something unexpected. Maps offer direction to somewhere else through a scavenger hunt or discovery of a treasure. The title of the work plays on 'X Marks the Spot' to indicate where something unknown might be found. Hybrid forms in the mural evoke so many things – algae, coral, carnivals, and even celestial bodies. The work blends bits and pieces from multiple sources in order to create mysteries in new combinations. The work offers a place for dreaming about our relationship to nature and the cosmos.


Goals were to transform the space into a mural.


The project was lead by Columbia College Chicago and I worked with one assistant artist to fabricate this piece in the Wabash Arts Corridor of Chicago at the corner of Wabash and Roosevelt in the South Loop.