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Witness to Genocide: Israel Palestine a Journey to Peace

Submitted by Namaya Art Rat for Peace

Client: Clearwater Festival and Fellowship of Reconciliation, AlRowad Theater in Palestine

Location: Crton Park, NY, United States

Completion date: 2016

Project Team


Alrowadd Theater

Alrowardd Theater


Fellowship of Reconciliation



Clearwater Festival

Clearwater Festival


Namaya and B4 Peace Team

Namaya Productions


Witness to Genocide – Israel Palestine Journey to Peace – Multimedia Design project for a performance event. This flag of Israel and Palestine were woven together with the names of the more than 450 villages destroyed by the Israeli army. In the center of the flag is a Yahrzeit memorial candle to commemorate krisallnacht. In this powerful project we weave together the narrative of the Holocaust and the Nakbah of the Palestinian people.


Goals were to create a common narrative of the Holocaust of the Jewish people, and the ongoing destruction of the Palestinian people called the Nakbah. This work was created with the input and assistance of many people in the US, Palestine, Jewish communities, and others


Though the original project was designed and presented in Vermont, the actual weaving of the names of the Palestinian communities that were destroyed was sewn in the Dominican Republic. The creation of the piece was deeply informed by the many interfaith activists creating peacebuilding activities. Then this pieces was presented at the Clearwater Festival in NYC, at the Quaker Meetinghouse in Vermont, and at the headquarters of the Fellowship of Reconciliation. It is through this collaboration of many parties this peace project was created

Additional Information

This project is deeply personal. It commemorates my grandparent’s journey of the holocaust and the survival of the Jewish people. It also is my lifelong commitment to peace and supporting the Palestinian people. Ironically, my adopted grandchildren are Palestinian. My work in this project is an art work that speaks to the vision of a true and just peace for the people of Israel and Palestine