Wind Glade - CODAworx

Wind Glade

Client: Land Art Generator

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Completion date: 2013

Project Team


Seema Lisa Pandya

Industry Resource

Cullen Kasunic

Industry Resource

Keith Baren

Industry Resource

Oscar Garcia


Wind Glade is a concept design for a large scale public art installation enticing the sensory experience with an aim to connect people with natural cycles through the use of beauty, site context, and real time sound feedback of the wind. The installation is based on the structural form of a glade clearing in a forest thicket designed for a site on the waterfront in Copenhagen, Denmark. The installation draws upon Copenhagen’s predominant natural energy source – wind! This was a conceptual piece for the Land Art Generator. Materials conceptually include reclaimed shipping wood, metal hollow cylinders, and mixed media.


Facilitating a collaborative design process was key in inspiring the design team. The team was multidisciplinary consisting of artists, renewable energy experts, fabricators, architects, and a mechanical engineer. We purposefully spent many weeks researching before we even put pen to paper (local weather patterns, sun angles, historic culture, local aesthetic, flora and fauna, lifestyle, renewable energy, and other contextual information). Once the collaborative design started, the team already had ideas that were well informed and tuned to place.

Additional Information

The piece is inspired from the sound of the wind through the trees. Just as one would get auditory feedback from the movement of the leaves on a tree as the wind picks up, Wind Glade similarly provides auditory feedback with a series of high and low toned wind chimes. The entire installation of Wind Glade collects changing local winds and converts them into carbon-free energy via an array of wind turbines rising out of the lattice metal canopy. The structure is oriented for the summer solstice sun. This was a conceptual piece for the Land Art Generator.