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What Inspires You?

Submitted by Danielle Foushee

Client: Downtown Tempe Authority

Location: Tempe, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2018

Artwork budget: $2,500

Project Team


Julie Kent

Downtown Tempe Authority


Placed on Mill Ave. in an active area of downtown Tempe, this public design activation asks city visitors: “What inspires you?” Over 650 vinyl strips were printed and woven through the chain link fence (~140' long x 6' tall) with the help of community volunteers. It has become a landmark source of community pride and a vibrant photo op for all who pass by.


The primary requirements were to develop a public art intervention that would create a visually impactful landmark in Downtown Tempe, and to involve up to 50 community volunteers in its installation. It also needed to be durable enough to withstand Arizona heat/sun for at least 18 months.


I worked directly with the Creative Placemaking team at Downtown Tempe Authority to create a public art project that would be • suprising • visually impactful • easy to install • durable • and engage at least 50 volunteers from the community. We wove over 650 vinyl strips into a chain-link fence in a high-traffic area of downtown Tempe. With the help of all the volunteers, we installed the entire piece in about 2 hours, which gave volunteers a chance to contribute directly and immediately to the project's success.