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Weaving the World

Client: Greenville Spartanburg Airport

Location: Greenville, SC, United States

Completion date: 2019

Artwork budget: $450,000

Project Team

Industry Resource

HD Amulinum

HD Aluminum Prints

Industry Resource

Excel Finishing

Excel Finishing


Terran Sobel-Smith


“Weaving the World” is a 175' long kinetic mural. It is located in the baggage claim area of Greenville Spartanburg Airport. The airport wanted an artwork that addressed three themes: water, Greenville as the textile capitol of the world and contemporary technology as it relates to automotive design. The sculpture is 2' deep. The back wall is dye sublimation printed aluminum and in front of the wall thousands of moving aluminum and acrylic pieces are suspended and are moved by ambient air currents.


Upon arrival in the baggage claim area people are often tired and distracted. I wanted to create a piece of art that would engage and excite the passengers. Since the work is kinetic as well as three dimensional the viewers experience of the sculpture is always changing.


This commission was a response to an RFQ so once I designed and proposed the piece the art committee accepted the design with no changes.