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Watercolor Wall

Client: Square and Compass Children's Clinic, Boston Children's Hospital, Thinkery

Location: Tucson, AZ, United States

Completion date: 2010

Project Team


Joe O'Connell


Nina Borgia-Aberle


Creative Machines


Watercolor Wall allows people to explore a rainbow of colors with just a touch. Visitors can paint the wall by pressing their fingers to the silver discs or glowing objects on the surface. By holding their hands on various objects they can set areas of the wall to different colors along a continuously variable spectrum. Colors leak between regions in the way that watercolor paint blends on paper turning each visitor into an artist.


The piece was inspired by using creativity and play to promote healing. The artist researched how play reduces stress experienced by children in a healthcare setting, shortens hospital stays and reduces the use of analgesics during recovery. Watercolor Wall is a purposefully simple artwork that allows visitors of all ages and ability levels to have a reassuring and creative ‘play’ experience by transforming the colors in the piece.


Watercolor Wall was a collaboration between Joe O'Connell, Nina Borgia-Aberle and Creative Machines.

Additional Information

Watercolor Walls are located in The Square and Compass Children's Clinic, The Boston Children's Hospital and The Thinkery in Austin, Texas. Watercolor Walls are customizable and can be designed to fit in almost any space and can range in size and pattern.